Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Feet 2

About a month ago I finished up work on Happy Feet 2. I worked in the animation department at Dr. D studios in Sydney for the last 3 months of production (aka "crunch time"). I worked on 13 shots all up, mainly facial animation on motion captured penguin characters, but I was also lucky enough to get to animate some fully keyframed bird flying shots. It was a great experience to work on such a big production and with so many talented people. The movie is being released world wide this month.


Once it is released I will be able to update my showreel with the actual shots I worked on.


  1. Sory if its not the right place. Did you use blender on movie "Happy Feet 2"? If answer yes i'll tell everyone :) Its important for free source software users.

  2. Hi ERİBOL,
    No, Happy Feet 2 was made at Dr. D Studios in Sydney and they currently use Maya for the animation part of their pipeline.
    While Blender is my preference for animation, sometimes you don't get to choose, and it's important to be flexible.
    As far as open source software goes, the whole animation department used Linux, so I guess that counts for something, right?

  3. Interesting, what about modeling and software for 2d? Do you think they care about software like gimp, krita or blender? I mean, you can export textures in tga formats and meshes in obj or fbx. I'm very curious about that theme, I can't model without blender, I really learn to use maya and 3dmax but... you know... after learning blender I can't go back. Let me know what you think, by the way, congratulations, you are an amazing artist.