Monday, November 2, 2015

Glass Half

The Blender Foundation just released its latest short, "Glass Half".
I wrote and directed it, (this is actually my debut as a director) and it was produced at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam.

The production was very quick, just a little over 7 weeks, so it was quick and intense. So far the response has been really good!

UPDATE: Here is an interview I did with Filmnosis on the making of the movie.


  1. Hello Beorn, congratulations! After sintel this is my favorite blender open project. Animation and style are brilliant!
    I want to learn how to do this type of animation, I am a little vexed I must confess, because I have to sign to the blender cloud in order to get access to production and tutorials. Thing is that right now I am "between jobs" yet I am willing to pay the 30 dollars.
    This is the thing, please let me know when the tutorials are going to be posted to the cloud, (right now it only haves 3 videos) so I can subscribe and make the most of it. I understand the necessity to charge for access to the cloud.


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