Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New short movie - Caminandes

At the end of last year I got together with Pablo Vazquez and Francesco Siddi to make a short movie. The idea was to do something simple and quick. Pablo and I came up with a story involving 2 of his characters, Koro and Pichin. who are based on animals from Pablo's home territory of Patagonia. We also wanted to finish the whole thing in about 2 weeks.

I ended up doing the principal animation on all but 2 of the shots (that's about a minute's worth of animation in 2 weeks). Unfortunately the rendering side of things took longer than expected, largely due to some technical hitches we encountered, but in the end we finished it and I'm actually quite happy with it!

We also got the very talented Jan Morgenstern to make us a Carl Stalling / Warner Bros type soundtrack, and as soon we added it the whole thing came alive.

Check it out:

We're hoping to do some more shorts in this style in the future. They sure are fun to work on, and I think we can get a style that you don't often see in other shorts being released these days.

Check out http://www.caminandes.com/ for more info.

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