Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Reel is Up!

Here it is....
(check out the animation page for more info)


  1. Cool stuff man. Blender is pretty awesome. It's good to see people pushing what it can do. I use it a lot also.

    One question a character animator, have you used any other packages and if so, what do you feel the differences are?

    Thanks man.


  2. Cheers Gavin!
    Yeah, I actually started out on 3d studio 4 (the DOS version that is) and then moved on to 3dmax. Apart from that, I've used Maya; 3 of these shots were done using AM's great Bishop 2.0 rig for Maya.

    The differences? Well, largely they all do similar things. It's important to remember that animation is about the principles and not the technology. Maya is the most commonly used it seems, but large studios like Pixar and Dreaworks use their own proprietary software. The best thing for an animator is to be versatile and be able to apply the principles in whatever software has been chosen for a given project.

    Having said that, Blender is my weapon of choice because once you get your head around the interface, it's the fastest and easiest to use. Plus, it improves faster than any software I've seen, and as a user you feel like you have much more access to the developers than you could ever hope for from Autodesk.

    So in short, I'm happy animating with anything, but given the choice, Blender.

  3. Congrats on your graduation!!!

    It's a really impressive selection of animations! I'm sure you'll keep them coming and I'll keep enjoying!