Friday, November 12, 2010

The Stuff I did on Sintel

Here is basically all of the shots I worked on for the Blender Foundation's open movie "Sintel". It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my career as a pixel monkey...

For the record, I wish I could further polish every one of those shots. Like I said, it was a BIG learning experience.


  1. Beorn, I am novice-animator. Trying to learn character animation using Sintel Lite rig (taken on BlendSwap). I hope you know this rig :)
    Thanks for the prompts about hips moving in my thread on blenderartists (I'm Shader2 from there).
    I have a question - is it possible to seamlessly switch between FK and IK modes? Visual Keying just doesn't work :(

  2. Hi Selecta, sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately IK/FK snapping isn't available for this rig. It has, however, recently been added to rigify.