Thursday, July 16, 2009

Okay, here's my go at a blog...

First up, here's an animation I finished about a year ago.
It was basically a learning exercise I used to get up to speed with Blender (the 3d program, not the appliance). While it got a good response from people (2008 Suzanne award nominee and judges' choice finalist for iiNet's Get Animated competition), there are many problems with the animation.
As a result of spending so much time on it, and still seeing so many problems, I decided to hit the books and went and enrolled in Animation Mentor.
I'll post progress here as I, um, progress...

A Sad, Sad Song from Beorn Leonard on Vimeo.


While I don't consider myself a "professional" musician, I've been playing in bands for years, most recently in a band called "Oscar". Sometimes it was an attempt to become professional, but most of the time it was to have fun and try to make music that nobody had heard before.

<a href="">A Hot Vat of Yak Fat by Oscar the Band</a>
This was our last "album". It was recorded over the course of about five years in various studios (both home and professional) and completed in 2007.

<a href="">On Any Given Day by Oscar the Band</a>
As part of our one show "Don't Stop 'till ya Flop" world tour, Oscar played an "Overblown Concept Gig" at bar 303 (in Melbourne, Australia) on Saturday the 22nd of November 2003. Fortunately someone was foolhardy enough to record the proceedings and this seventeen track album was the result.

<a href="">Nga Nga by Oscar the Band</a>
This actually a compilation of Oscar's early music, with music from some of its previous incarnations - "Jester" and the "Sensory Motor Project"


  1. Dude that is freakin cool, can't wait to see you 'progress'. Great work. Keiran K

  2. Hey dude, are we going to get to see any of your A.M exercises?